Prawn Laksa

Isaacs Prawn Laksa Ingredients • ½ tbsp vegetable oil • 400 ml coconut milk • 2 tbsp fresh lime juice, or lemon juice • 500 ml chicken stock • 1/2 tsp brown sugar • 1/2 tsp fish sauce • 250 g yellow wheat noodles, or egg noodles • 500 g uncooked de-veined prawns, with tails […]


This is a great recipe that can be prepared now & will improve in flavor for Christmas Spiced cranberry sauce 6oz of fresh cranberries 4 tablespoons of water 3 teaspoons of white wine vinegar 3oz sugar 1 stick of cinnamon 1 inch of peeled & grated fresh ginger 1 clove of minced ginger 4 cloves […]

Isaacs Crab Crumble

SIMPLE Crab crumble. For 500 grms of crab. Tomato fondue. 1 tablespoon of olive oil 4 oz chopped onions 1 crushed clove of garlic 2 lbs of ripe or good quality tinned tomatoes. Salt, pepper & a little sugar if needed. Some thyme & fresh parsley Sweat the onions & garlic , add the tomatoes […]

Crab salad with Nam Jim & mixed cress.

Crab salad with Nam Jim & mixed cress. 500gr fresh crab meat, Handful of mixed cress & lettuce Nam Jim 4 cloves of garlic 2 bunches of coriander Sea salt 2 green birds eye chilli 4 table spoons palm sugar 4 tablespoons fish sauce 6 tablespoons lime juice 4 red shallots finely chopped Garnish with […]

Frozen Espresso Zabaglione

Frozen Espresso Zabaglione 6egg yolks 6tablespoons sugar 3/4cup espresso 2tablespoons Cognac Cocoa powder and powdered sugar, for serving (optional) Preparation Put egg yolks in a medium-size mixing bowl. Add sugar and whisk together for a minute, until frothy. Whisk in espresso and Cognac, then place bowl over double boiler. (For a makeshift double boiler, put […]

Hot Buttered Lobster

Delicious this time of year, simply cook the lobster in warm water salted water, split in half, remove the sack, you have many options, serve with melted butter and garden peas, grilled with some herb bread crumbs or serve cold with a tomato salad & mayonnaise

Celery Apple & Walnut salad

  Apple, Celery and Walnut Salad       One of the few mixed salad combinations that works really well. The tart combination of apple and celery makes it an excellent counterbalance to rich meats such as duck or pork, or it may be served as a first course on its own.       […]